Why I only take so many orders per week

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As much as I hate doing it, I quite often have to turn customers away as I get fully booked due to limited space in my dairy. This is because every cake is made with totally fresh ingredients by myself and all the edible sculptures, toppers etc are also made by my own hand. I put 100% attention to detail and time dedication to every order that I do and I am quite often working until 2am on each cake. 

I passionately believe that all cakes in the cake industry should be made completely fresh. Unfortunately a lot of shops do mass produce. This means some shops will have a baking day and freeze them for when they get a rush order. I would really love to see Cake Temptations lead the way in making this a thing of the past. 

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Created: Tuesday 27th August 2013 @ 09:20:53

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